Ties to Tattoos by Sherri Elliott

I recently picked up Sherri Elliott’s book, Ties to Tattoos. Sherri’s book is based upon the premise that for the first time in American workforce history, we have 4 distinct generations: Traditionalists, Boomers, Xers, and Millennials.

The book, to put it simply, is fascinating. We all know how things have changed -remember the IBM of the last century? White shirts, blue suits, a suffocating business culture based on a strict corporate identity? Sure, we remember. And now? Good luck with that, Mr. CEO.

What Sherri Elliott does is first define the different generations of the workforce, and then discuss how best to manage this new workforce mix. One of her first examples is the scenario of a traditional recruiter staring across the interview desk at a Xer sporting a flesh tunnel.

What? You don’t know what a flesh tunnel is? Well, I didn’t either and I’m based in California.

As I go through the book I’ll post some of Sherri’s observations, but because I’m a slow reader I suggest you get a copy yourself to save time. The book is sold on Amazon.com, of course, and well worth the investment.

Ties to Tattoos: Turning Generational Differences into a Competitive Advantage by Sherri Elliott.

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    • I agree. ‘Flesh tunnel’ sounds beyond horrible. But it’s actually just a big spacer they use in the earlobes to make a gigantic hole. This is popular in San Francisco and a few other areas in California as well. It’s a bit of a shock the first time you see one, but I guess that’s the whole point. 🙂

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