HR Metrics Isn’t Voodoo

August 26, 2010 2

We’ve all heard the term “HR Metrics.” Most times it’s thrown around loosely, with no real understanding what it is, or treated like some type of New Orleans voodoo magic. But to simplify, HR Metrics is only a collection of numbers derived from basic formulas such as, for example, the ratio of managers to direct […]

A Quick Guide to the Tangled Web of Leaves

August 24, 2010 2

Since the beginning of Kim’s HR Potpourri I’ve concentrated mostly on explaining and untangling the convoluted leave situation, especially for California. Well, I finally broke down and made a cheat-sheet to help out. Here’s my downloadable “Quick Guide to California and Federal Leaves.” Feel free to share!

Get Those Classifications Right

August 16, 2010 0

When it comes to properly classifying exempt and non-exempt employees, it can be a big help to have a guide explaining the different rules. I’ve put together such a guide here for anyone who’d like to have it. Feel free to print and share to your heart’s content.

You’re Playing With Fire If You Deny This Type Of Leave

August 10, 2010 0

In California, volunteer firefighters, reserve peace officers, and emergency rescue personnel are protected by state law when they need to take time off to perform emergency duties. No employer may discharge or discriminate against an employee who takes time off to perform emergency duty. Plus, employers with 50 or more employees must allow volunteer firefighters […]

HR T-Shirts, Anybody?

August 9, 2010 3

Because my husband owns the famous (relatively) Green Man T-Shirts, I naturally had to request a custom HR t-shirt. He came up with 2! I’ll let him explain the ideas behind each design: “Over the years, I’ve heard Kim explain the HR function and heard countless HR stories. It seems to me that HR is […]

Don’t Be a Boob About This

August 6, 2010 0

Jokes notwithstanding, I have talked to many men in the workplace who have a limited understanding of women’s breasts and the whole breastfeeding thing. Men know it happens, I think, but they must believe it happens magically, out of sight of civilized society. Now, I’m not advocating PDBFs (public displays of breast feeding), but women […]

Yeah, You Got Me Again, California…

August 5, 2010 2

A “Gotcha” moment hit me this week, and it concerned something I learned about HSAs Health Savings Accounts. As most people know, money contributed to a HSA is not taxed. It does not count as income. The money grows tax-free and withdrawals used for qualified medical expenses are not taxed either. This is how HSAs […]

Another Protected Leave for California Employees?

August 4, 2010 0

Many companies voluntarily offer some form of bereavement leave to employees, but that may become a legal requirement for California employers. Bill AB 2340 is making the rounds after being introduced earlier this year. The bill would require all California employers to give three days bereavement leave to any employee on the job 60 days […]

10.8 Million Reasons to Know as Much as Possible About Your New Hire

August 3, 2010 1

This past Wednesday a San Diego jury awarded a mother and daughter $10.8 million in damages for the severe injuries they suffered in a car crash with a Pizza Hut delivery driver. According to an article by San Diego Union-Tribune staff writer Greg Moran, the jury agreed with the plaintiff’s lawyers, who had argued “Pizza […]

The 10 Worst Management Jobs For Women

August 2, 2010 2

It’s no secret men are paid more than women for the same work. But how bad is it? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data from 2009, here are the top 10 worst management jobs for women: 1)      Financial manager: Women earn an average annual salary of $49,972, which is 66% of what male […]