Remembering Why We Really Do Employee Performance Appraisals

September 30, 2010 2

The following is a guest article from Sean Conrad of Halogen Software: In a lot of companies, big and small, annual performance appraisals are largely an administrative task that HR oversees, and managers go through the motions of completing. We tell ourselves that we need to do them in order to fairly compensate our employees […]

School Daze: Employers Need to Know This

September 28, 2010 3

There are two important school related issues that employers need to know: First, under the California Education Code, schools can require that parents or guardians attend class with their child if the child has been suspended. Employers are not required to pay for time off when employees need it for school disciplinary matters, but they […]

It’s a stretch, but can you remember this?

September 17, 2010 3

I like to follow other bloggers around the blogosphere, and a few days ago Charlie Judy, aka @hrfishbowl, wrote a piece in which he referenced the extraordinarily overused HR phrase “We need to get a seat at the table.” That phrase, of course, has become shop-worn and turned into another business cliché, and that’s pretty […]

The Accountability Trap

September 10, 2010 1

Note: this article was originally written for Human resources IQ, as part of their Talent Management Series. One of the big buzzwords these days is “accountability,” as in “hold your people accountable!” The problem, however, is that people, namely management, forget the second part of the equation: if you are going to hold your people […]

I’m Innocent, I Tell you!

September 7, 2010 3

It’s a sad state of affairs when we have to face unfounded accusations. For those who missed it, the New York Times reported this morning about the Mister Scrubby incident. Here’s the full article: “It was reported this past Labor Day that well-known personality Mister Scrubby was Warhol’d in a most diabolical fashion. Witnesses reported […]

A Matter of Perception

September 2, 2010 3

We all think of ourselves as being perceptive, able to differentiate between the good and bad, brilliant and mediocre, valued and worthless. We use this ability at work to form judgements, develop opinions, and make decisions. But are we seeing things clearly enough? Is our perception of what’s around us clear and unbiased, or distorted […]

Marshall Goldsmith: Keeping the Mojo Alive

September 1, 2010 3

The following guest blog is from Desi Haramija. Desi recently finished the master’s degree program in human resources at Chapman University. This past week Marshall Goldsmith, ranked one of the top 15 executive coaches in the world , spoke at the Leadership Builders event at AMN Healthcare in San Diego, CA. The following is the […]