Marshall Goldsmith: Keeping the Mojo Alive

Marshall Goldsmith

The following guest blog is from Desi Haramija. Desi recently finished the master’s degree program in human resources at Chapman University.

Marshall GoldsmithThis past week Marshall Goldsmith, ranked one of the top 15 executive coaches in the world , spoke at the Leadership Builders event at AMN Healthcare in San Diego, CA.

The following is the first of a two-part synopsis of his presentation and current book “MOJO: How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Get It Back If You Lose It.”

As is certainly true with the man himself, the ideas that follow seem clear and obvious at first, but take a deeper look and I believe you will find a “simple” richness of depth and meaning.

Marshall has high expectations (available to all of us) for his concepts in Mojo:

1) Help create a life for self and others filled with happiness and meaning.
2) Increase employee engagement without expensive programs.
3) Build a better life/environment through coaching.
4) Peer coaching is the future.

What is important in life is as simple as the following list: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Meaning and Happiness. Without our Health what do we have? Money is important but research shows that after $80K per year happiness doesn’t increase with incremental increases in income.

Everything comes down to Relationships which correlate with satisfaction at home and work. But Meaning and Happiness are really the only things that truly matter.

And it turns out we have a lot of control over our experience of Meaning and Happiness.

A few questions to ponder every day:

1) 1-10 how happy were you yesterday?
2) 1-10 how meaningful was your experience yesterday?
3) How many times did you get angry yesterday?
4) How many times did you try to prove you were right yesterday?
5) What did you do for your family/significant other yesterday?

Simple questions, but considered carefully the depth will draw you in.

What is MOJO anyway?

Is that positive spirit
toward what we are doing
that starts from the inside
and radiates to the outside

Mojo is what animates us, it is the spark of life and vitality that we can impact with a conscious focus on the balance between happiness and meaning in everything we do. (Check out for free iphone apps, Mojo trackers and more.)

What’s the point of Mojo? Success: success in life, in work, in our relationships, or in any endeavor we attempt. That’s the point, and it is available to everyone. Next time we will look at personal blinders that may restrict us from the brutally honest process necessary to increase our Mojo.

Marshall Goldsmith can be found:

Twitter: @coachgoldsmith
Marshall Goldsmith blog

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