A New Year and the Scammers are Out

I received my “FINAL NOTICE” from the California Labor Compliance, Business Compliance Department. Apparently, I needed to send them $275.00 to ensure compliance with California labor law.

Pretty official stuff. And it went right into the trash, naturally.

The California Labor Compliance people are not connected to any official government agency. They’re just fishing for a few quick bucks, trying to scare us. Look at the notice below: isn’t that something? Looks scary, doesn’t it? And I suppose if some poor business owner didn’t examine it closely, he’d believe the big bad government boys were after him.

But don’t be fooled. Just be aware of this type of tactic. It’s rampant at the beginning of every year.

BTW, if you DO need posters, try CalChamber and HRcalifornia. They have everything you need for federal and California posting requirements, all on one poster.

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