A Business Owner’s Take on Super Bowl Sunday

My husband and I visited one of our favorite places today, Johnny B’s.

It’s a great burger and brew place, and the owner transformed it from the original dive bar it was into one of the premier sports bars in east county. We saw a sign announcing Johnny B’s would be closed after 2:00 PM on Super Bowl Sunday and we were curious why.

The owner, Johnny (of course), spent a few minutes with us catching up on things and we asked about the bar closing. We were surprised at the answer.

According to Johnny, Super Bowl Sunday happens to be a terrible day for business, even for a sports bar. So he closes at 2:00 PM. But here’s the thing: Johnny doesn’t really close.

He throws a private party for his employees.

He provides all the food and drink and keeps the place open just for his 15 or so employees and their guests. Closed to the general public. A private Super Bowl party to thank his employees for all their hard work. All the big screens on, the beer and wine flowing, hamburgers and steaks on the grill. On the house.

Not bad, eh?

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