A Business Owner’s Take on Super Bowl Sunday

January 28, 2012 0

My husband and I visited one of our favorite places today, Johnny B’s. It’s a great burger and brew place, and the owner transformed it from the original dive bar it was into one of the premier sports bars in east county. We saw a sign announcing Johnny B’s would be closed after 2:00 PM […]

Volunteering at the SUPERFROG!

September 25, 2011 0

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the SUPERFROG Triathlon this past September 11, and it was an amazing event. For the non-triathletes out there, SUPERFROG is the oldest triathlon in the world, older even than the Hawaii Ironman. Founded in 1978, SUPERFROG was the answer to the news that John Collins (the founder of […]

Women: Want to earn more? Lose weight.

June 14, 2011 1

Well, someone had to do it. I’m talking about actually quantifying the relationship between how a woman looks and how much she gets paid. No one can seriously deny that fat people, especially women, are discriminated against in the workplace. The question was: how much does it cost them in dollars? Well, researchers Timothy A. […]

The Employee With The Achilles Heel

November 12, 2010 1

Someone asked me recently: what was the most difficult employee issue I’ve had to deal with? Of course, all the usual things came to mind but I thought back to one particular case several years ago. I had a truly spectacular employee: hard-working, trustworthy, got things done. She was truly a gem to have. She […]